Wednesday, February 25, 2009


January 30 2007 Draumr Publishing

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Actor Trenton Dane is researching his next role when he bumps into a beautiful stranger...and suddenly develops psychic powers. Glory Windsor is a psychic intent on losing her "gift"--and the traumatic consequences her abilities have caused.

When his enchanting benefactor disappears before he can so much as learn her name, Trenton must come to grips with his growing new power, and launch a search for the sultry woman who haunts his dreams. Will he succeed in time to fulfill steamy premonitions of a passionate encounter--and to save Glory and her child from certain danger?


The feel of his eyes drew her attention back to the table.
“Dance with me.”

Her gaze wandered across the room to the dance floor. A small
band of photographers had gathered around its parquet edge like
animals around a watering hole, snapping shots of Kylie Kate
Rossi, James Fine, and other big names who were undulating in
graceful movements only the Beautiful People could master.
“But it seems so...public out there.”

He threw his head back in a belly-warming whoop of laughter
and she smiled at the sound of it, despite herself. “That’s the
trouble with public places, isn’t it? The public’s often in them.”
With that, he slid himself off the chair, grabbing her by the hand
as he did so.

Before she could protest, he pulled her up against him,
beginning a slow swaying dance despite the up tempo beat.
Whereas she might have talked her way out of a dance while still
seated, once they were pressed together she lost the will to do
anything other than melt against him. The contact was electrifying,
causing them both to suck in a breath as she swept into his arms.
The music pounding in her ears–-or was that her heartbeat?–-
the feel of his hips swaying back and forth, and the proximity of
other parts of him through the thin material of her skirt produced
a hypnotic effect. She felt mesmerized, like a snake bobbing
and weaving under the sway of its charmer. Beyond the river
of attraction flowing through her veins rushed that undercurrent
of...connection between them, a sense of intuiting his feelings,
emotions, desires. Her mind tuned into his with slow revelation,
until she heard every sinew of his being cry out for her, and hers
sigh back in response. She felt their pulses join, unifying in a
primal beat.

Feeling powerless to break contact and step out of the moment,
she swirled inside this realm of shared need, allowing it to fill
her. The more she swayed inside the trance, the deeper inside his
emotions she could see, until she knew he somehow saw inside
hers, too.

Madonna’s song tumbled along, declaring that Glory had
found a piece of heaven. Not that this required explanation.

“Glory.” His voice was suffused with breathless wonder. “This are...”

He paused, the fervent whisper tickling her mouth alerting
her to the fact that their lips were now only a hair’s breadth apart.
Just when her knees were about to crumble from the powerful
sorcery weaving between them, he increased it tenfold by doing
the unthinkable.

He kissed her.