Wednesday, February 25, 2009

A Grand Seduction

April 7 2008 Eternal Press (eBook)

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What do you do when a friend needs to escape an abysmal marriage and an ironclad prenup? Set up her hairy-eared husband with an affair, of course. What do you do when word of your success leaks out to other miserable, divorce-minded wives? Make a business out of seduction.

When Dom, Ridelle, and Twyla manage to whisk Frannie away from her crappola marriage, they think they've got all the makings for a grand seduction scheme. But when a client has second thoughts in the form of a bullet, the women discover that if the road to Hell is paved with good intentions, questionable intentions lead somewhere even worse.


Frannie stood in Bruce's office, him seated behind the oversized desk like the CEO of a Fortune 500. Why did men surround themselves with obscenely large things? Obsessing over bigger motors, bigger processors, bigger televisions...a penis thing, no doubt. In which case, it seemed that men like Bruce would prefer to downsize (Hell, micronize) their possessions so as to make their own appendage more favorable by comparison.

"I really don't have time for this now," he was saying. "Perhaps you could schedule your raving paranoia for a time when I'm not expecting an important overseas call?"

In reply, she slapped a pile of photographs down on a manila folder in front of him. "Fine. Just thought maybe you'd like to replace the digital slideshow on your desk with these."

His face went white as he scanned the top photo; by the last Bruce Myers had turned a sickly shade of gray. "How did you..."

"...get these?" She crossed her arms under a plunging white neckline designed to give him an eyeful of what he'd no longer be mauling. "Wasn't easy, considering you cut off my ability to retain a private investigator. Luckily, there are those willing to give generously to the 'Save Fran From Her Slimebag Husband' fund."

He grabbed the photos off the desk and rose, tucking them into the inner breast pocket of his charcoal suit. She shrugged at the gesture. "You're welcome to those--they're just copies."

"And if I told you they aren't what they look like?"

Fran tossed strawberry locks behind her as she laughed. "Then I'd say save your foul breath, because you're the world's worst liar. Ridelle already confessed. To everything."