Wednesday, February 25, 2009

October 2007 Eternal Press (eBook)
Story Contribution: The Witch's Reverend

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A diverse collection of stories involving one common theme: dire consequences. This series of red hot bedtime stories have paranormal twists guaranteed to keep your eyes open!


God had mercy for most sinners, but Rodmilla's deeds blackened her soul with an oily stain even the Blood of the Lamb could not redeem. Her lust to wield godlike power blasphemed the Holy Spirit Itself. Her magicks and incantations were designed to lure men into a dance of perverse pleasure, writhing and undulating like snakes; and she their hell-bound charmer.

What evil did she seek to bring here? It could only be a mission of vital desperation, no doubt. Nothing less could be worth withstanding the torture of sitting in this holy place. Obliged to cast the wolf from his flock, Tom considered calling her out in full witness of the congregation. Discretion won out, however, leaving him to push through parishioners after the sermon ended to discover why this child of Lucifer had come. Billowing crimson skirts trailed behind as Rodmilla hastened to escape the confines of chapel walls.

Boot heels clicked as Tom hastened his step, finding her already down the steps by the time he reached the doorway. "Do you repent of your sins?" he called.

The woman stopped on the road, a small cloud of dust swirling up around her supple frame. But she did not reply.

"Do you repent?" he repeated. Beads of sweat prickled his neck. "For all those who believe--and truly repent--have His forgiveness."

She turned at this, a sickly smile cooling his blood like a bag of ice around the neck. "God is not in this place."

He descended the steps, brittle planks creaking in protest as if reluctant for him to leave. "Don't blaspheme the Father, Witch. If you've come to His house for forgiveness, fall on your knees here and now and repent--body, mind, and soul. Otherwise, leave and do not return."

Her laughter chafed at his sense of duty. "Your Lord does not forgive me, nor you. I cannot repent. But I will return."