Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Twist of Fate Anthology

November 2007 Eternal Press (eBook)
Story Contribution: A Nurse, Forever

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Murder, mayhem, and the macabre wind through a series of tales launching readers from the innermost crevices of sinister minds to the vast reaches of outer space.


Amelia had barely gotten to her feet when another, more urgent alarm joined the monitor's. A Code Blue button had been pressed. The quiet erupted in a frenzy as staff lept into action. For the second time that day, the dreaded overhead page resounded in her ears: "Code Blue, Unit Three West."

Staff sprinted up the hallway, pens and loose change jangling in pockets, everyone checking the indicators above each doorway to find one with the telltale flashing blue light. Amelia, however, felt rooted to her spot. She managed to turn her head to confirm what she knew in her gut. The light flashed over room Twenty. Another twist of her head showed the clock on the wall. 2155.

As suddenly as her frozen posture had come it melted, giving way to an insatiable need to enter that room. Taking long strides, she ducked inside to find that several staff members, rather than leaving when they found the room deserted, had affixed themselves to the walls. One nurse was trying to silence the Code Blue button, which stubbornly refused to be extinguished. All eyes in the room were wide.

Though the other staff avoided it, Amelia walked to the center of the room and stood by the bed. It must have been right here, on this spot...Her skin prickled with electricity; the hair on her arms stood on end. Having grown up in severe storm territory, she'd have sworn lightning was about to strike where she stood. The bitter cold in the room was so palpable she exptected to see her breath.

A feeling of danger snaked its way up Amelia's spine, and she started to back away. Suddenly, she was seized by overwhelming terror. Barraged with powerful emotions, the sensation sucked her into a vortex like wind through a tunnel. Intense pain stabbed through her chest and she was unable to draw breath. The room swam in darkness the shade of a black, starless night.

An echoing choir of anguished voices, sobs, and moans thronged through her mind.